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Asempro Grope - Colombie

The high altitudes of the Andes, combined with its proximity to the equator, give this Colombian coffee an irresistibly fruity taste with notes of cocoa, pineapple and grapes.


Barbosa - Brazil

The Barbosa is a safe bet in espresso, with a rich, round chocolatey body followed by a subtle citrus zest finish.


Village Kinini - Rwanda

This Rwandan coffee will clearly take you on a journey with its taste and aroma that is both sweet cantaloupe, sweet vanilla and tangy orange. Plus, it's 100% bourbon.


Travel with every sip

Specialty coffee roasted with passion in the Laurentians

Our history

A lot happens when I drink this coffee! We're somewhere else honestly.


What a trip for the taste buds! Always amazed at each discovery.


The one from Rwanda is super sweet and tangy at the same time, it's my favorite ♥️