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Frequently Asked Questions ☕️

When is the ideal date to consume my freshly roasted coffee?

Coffee is a complex product. Fresh from the roaster, the coffee should ideally degas for a minimum of 4 days, otherwise the taste will be more or less masked by the excessive concentration of gas present in the coffee.

Our recommendations:

Drip coffee: Consume from 4 days after the roasting date indicated on the bag.

Espresso coffee: Consume from 6 days after the roasting date indicated on the bag.

When will I receive my roasted coffee?

We roast once a week. Normally, the time to carry out a quality control, prepare and send the order made, we expect a delay of 4 to 6 days for the order to leave by post.

How can I get free shipping?

Order for $60 or more OR order any subscription, then we'll take care of the shipping!

I don't have a coffee grinder? Can you grind my coffee?

At the moment, we only sell our coffee beans. Whole coffee beans greatly preserve the unique flavors and exquisite aromas painstakingly crafted by our roastery.

As such, we encourage you to purchase a coffee grinder to optimize your specialty coffee tasting experience.

What is your roast level? Light, medium or dark?

Roasting is an art and a science in our opinion. We favor a roasting which, depending on the terroir, will bring out the qualities of the latter, while balancing the coffee so that it is suitable for drinking as a filter coffee or an espresso. In each coffee sheet, we suggest the method to drink it!