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Kok Ki Chante・Haiti
Kok Ki Chante・Haiti
Kok Ki Chante・Haiti
Kok Ki Chante・Haiti
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Kok Ki Chante・Haiti

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  • Aroma and flavor :

Nut Butter 🥜🌰🥜

This darker roast coffee excels in espresso with a smooth crema, espresso, French press and gives a nice kick to milk-based coffees .

It is frank, balanced, very rich and quite simply reminiscent of nuts! A coffee from the islands perfectly as we hear it, very classic!

Colorès got his hands on coffee from Haiti, a Caribbean country that once produced about half of the world's coffee export! Since 1725, the country has been able to develop an in-depth technique in the cultivation of coffee. However, several political, social and economic troubles have hit Haiti. There is, however, a new breath that seems to be materializing on the horizon to reinvigorate the country in terms of coffee production.

Besides, thanks in particular to our importing partner JA coffee, and the exporter Kok Ki Chante, an organization specializing in Haitian specialty coffee, a lot of good things are taking shape on the field and concretely with independent producing families. Kok Ki Chante brings together several coffee professionals, including agronomists, cooperatives and activists in order to restore a golden luster to this country extremely well suited for coffee cultivation.

Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean and the land allows, with the high quality work of the Haitians, to make excellent coffee.

Kolen is more of a region than a rural town in Haiti. It is located in the Haut Sud-Est Department of Haiti, near the Dominican border. Farmers in this region have been growing coffee for centuries, it's not just a tradition; APPCC, this association owned by small farmers, is the livelihood of more than 200 families that make up the cooperative.

APPCC is part of the cooperative group called APCAB, which brings together 6 farmers' associations in the Thiotte region. Kolen coffee farmers are eager to learn and put ideas into action quickly.

It is with pleasure that I offer this coffee in order to make this origin shine and to encourage their quality work!

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  • Tasting and quantity:
    • Recommended settings:

      Piston Press (French press)

      Ratio 1:12

      30g of coffee

      360mL total

      4 minutes


      Ratio 1:2

      18g of coffee

      total 36g

      30-40 seconds

250g per bag* (coffee beans).

908g per bag* (coffee beans).

*Our bags are made from plant-based and sustainably sourced material

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