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  • Aroma and flavor :

      Red grapefruit - cocoa beans   

This coffee comes from the Songwe region, in southern Tanzania. It's a Peaberry washed and offers wild fruity notes, clean and bright acidity, while having a captivating structure.

Fruity and sweet, it is drunk as well as filter coffee for a comforting cup with a kick or as an espresso for a cup that will be sparkling!

  • A cooperative that stands out

Founded in the wake of the Tanzanian Cooperatives Act of 2003, the Iyenga AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) today has 193 registered members and raises funds from just over 500 farmers. They are small farmers, most of them owning 1 to 2 hectares and none owning more than 5. Most members are within walking distance of the washing station, the farthest farm is located 10 km away. Nevertheless, during harvest, the group organizes trucks and motorbikes to pick up the cherries and ensure that everything is pulped within 8 hours of harvest. If you visit during harvest, you will see that the pulper operates from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., just as the sun sets. This is a government-subsidized Penagos UCBE 500 machine, an eco-efficient machine that saves water, which is essential in this region. Access to water is one of Iyenga's biggest challenges, especially during the dry season. Conversations at annual meetings include ideas for damming a local river or creating a rainwater reservoir.

Iyenga's elected board of directors is renowned for its management capacity, as evidenced by its collection services and pulping standards. They have proven their ability to work on long-term goals and have made quality their next goal.

That's why Iyenga is starting to make a name for themselves based on quality - in 2019 they won the Taste of Harvest competition with their AA and PB coffees.

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  • Tasting and quantity:
    • Recommended parameters:

      For Over V60

      Ratio 1:17

      20g of coffee

      340mL total

      2:10 minutes

      Espresso lungo

      Ratio 1:3

      18 g of coffee

      56mL total

      45 seconds

250g per bag* (coffee beans).

908g per bag* (coffee beans).

*Our bags are made from plant-based and sustainably managed material

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